AAFKE'S│distribution of exclusive perfumes

AAFKES│shop is part of AAFKE'S│distribution of exclusive perfumes. In that capacity we would like to point out the information below.


We are aware that unauthorized websites sell products that (may) resemble the brands we distribute, for example, by falsifying logos and authorization seals to mislead innocent consumers. The products sold on these websites may have been opened or used, or contain no plastic wrap, or have a damaged box (or no box at all), and have no or false control numbers, or may have ever been improperly stored causing damage to the perfumes may have originated. Also (too) large price differences can be an indication that you may be dealing with these products. These products can be counterfeit or tampered with. Trading websites such as Marktplaats, bol.com, eBay and Amazon cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their website and we cannot and do not want to guarantee the authenticity that are on unauthorized websites.


The only way to stop the sale of counterfeit or tampered products is to purchase the products directly from one of the authorised points of sale. If you have purchased a product similar to any of the brands distributed by AAFKE'S, or appears to have been tampered with or does not contain original packaging, please provide us with the information of your purchase so that you can help us fight (counterfeiting -) products and their sales on unauthorised websites.


Amsterdam Parfumerie Marjo
Antwerpen (B) La Maison du Parfum
Arnhem Parfumerie Linnewiel
Bergen Bergen Cosmetics
Brussel (B) Beauty By Kroonen
Bunschoten Parfumerie La Ruelle
Den Haag Jackelin Frank
Dokkum Sorella
Dordrecht Vicino Sei
Enschede House of Snobs
Groningen Harvie
Groningen Riklis Karto
Harderwijk Barbershop het Heerenhuys
Harlingen Beauty House Jeanette
Hellevoetsluis Eau de Parfum
IJsselstein Parfumaria
Maaseik (B) Parfumerie Margaux
Maasluis Parfumerie 1572
Meerssen Het Huis van Hermens
Naarden By John
Roermond Laura & Divai
Rotterdam Essie Darling
Rotterdam Sense of Dubai
Sint-Oedenrode Muller-Mode
Venlo De Heerenkamer
Venlo Lekker Ruiken

For a complete overview of authorised points of sale, visit the website of AAFKE'S│distribution of exclusive perfumes

BE AWARE FOR FAKE PRODUCTS AND SALES ON UNAUTHORISED WEBSITES. Be wary of sales of (imitation) perfumes, decants and samples on unauthorised websites, subscription websites or in shops that are not listed in the list of authorised points of sale. These can be cheap, synthetic imitations or old products. Or these are products that are not made by the perfume houses. Our partners (the perfume houses of which we are the official distributor of) strive to stop all sales of counterfeit and “black market” products of the brands we distribute.


The first priorities of us and our authorised points of sale have always been and always will be the safety and customer satisfaction of the consumer and that is why we want to warn you about (counterfeit) products and sales on unauthorized websites.


Even if a shop or webshop states that it is authorized (for example, CERTIFIED SHOP or the designation CUSTOMER CERTIFIED), this does not mean that they are actually authorized. The only actually authorised points of sale and web shops are listed on this page.


Buy your perfumes only at authorised points of sale. Only then are you 100% sure that you are buying the real and the right products.


If you have any questions about authorised points of sale, please contact us. We are available on MON-FRI between 10am and 5pm