AAFKES│shop is part of AAFKE'S│distribution of exclusive perfumes. We represent the perfume houses ACQUA di GENOVA, BOIS 1920, CASAMORATI, KEMI, PROFUMO di FIRENZE, ROSENDO MATEU and XERJOFF for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


AAFKE'S│distribution of exclusive perfumes was founded in 2009 by Edward Kloppenburg and is named after Edward's wife; Aafke. After having his own interior design studio for more than 10 years, Edward felt the need to work with the products he was always interested in: luxury goods and especially luxury perfumes. Over the years, AAFKE'S has become synonymous with exclusive, creative, high-quality and innovative perfumes combined with a high level of service to its authorised points of sale.


We have a passion for enchanting artistic exclusive perfumes of unparalleled class that originate in an imaginative story. We would like to share this passion with you!


AAFKE'S | distribution of exclusive perfumes

Vierwoudstedenmeer 3
3446 JP Woerden


T: +31651257457

MON-FRI 10.00 - 17.00


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